Fairfax Baptist Temple 2017


Just finished the new church promotional video. Hoping to tweak it a little more this coming summer.


FBTeens: Civil War Highlight


Each summer, the teen group at Fairfax Baptist Temple battle each other with their Teen Crusade, a three night event where the teenagers are split into two teams and try to beat each other in games and competitions to earn points. This year’s theme was based on the Marvel movie, Civil War, with the two teams being Iron Man and Captain America.

I made this minute highlight for the church’s website to promote the event and the teen group.

Fairfax Baptist Temple’s annual Teen Crusade is one of the biggest hypes of the summer for the young people. Each year the teens are separated two two teams, represented by two colors, and compete against each other for three nights in the summer by playing games, doing competitions, and cheering the loudest.

This summer’s theme was Civil War, the team colors being blue and red to represent Captain America vs. Iron Man. The youth minister, Gary Boyd, preached about the spiritual war waging in every Christian’s life and orchestrated each game and competition for the week. This year, Captain America emerged victorious in the quest to become champion in the civil war.

Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy 2012-13


I was able to make the first academy promotional video for my high school, Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy. The video is meant to showcase the school’s academics, extra curricular activities like sports and fine arts competitions, and the spiritual emphasis. I also designed the graphics used in the video. A shortened one-minute version of the same video was featured on the WAVA radio website as a promotional to the school.

Diary of a “Hall Pass”

I wrote this story for my school’s paper while I was on the journalism staff. Our science teacher had unique hall passes he let his students use when they needed to run to the bathroom or to their lockers — squeaky pet toys. Our teacher would make jokes about how they had personalities, and a feature story was born. As a high school student, this was one of my favorite articles published in the Press.

Original article on page three: April 2012 Newspaper

Diary of a “Hall Pass”
Daily adventures with my friend Ralph
dictated by Harry the Hall Pass, written by Jenneth Dyck, freshman

Another day on my cozy desk, settled comfortably next to a wall of ungraded papers that smell of ink and sweaty, nervous hands, and beside me is my best friend, always looking at the crowd before him, slightly cross-eyed.

Not to blame my friend Ralph, of course. I find myself doing it quite often. Looking at that huge crowd that always sits in the room can be quite intimidating. Mr. Niggl calls it “his class,” but I don’t see much class about it. It’s always very noisy, and some of the “students,” as they’re also called, do the oddest things.

My friend Ralph, the bloat fish, has never really been the same after the first week of school. One day, a student picked him up and took him straight out of the room, and our friend Mr. Niggl did nothing to stop him!

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