Nexus (Short Film)


Joe was back in town and we wanted to do something big: so big, in fact, that we felt we had to force two opposite worlds to collide! As the magi from Realm seeks to protect the stone that gives her power, Nemesis and his traitorous friend team up with the phantom specter to bring the magi and the rebel down for good. Only one will win in the Nexus.


God’s Smugglers (Short Film)


Loosely based off Brother Andrew’s autobiography, God’s Smuggler (and I MEAN loosely!), young Bible smugglers have to move the Word of God from their base and across the country of Russia while avoiding the secret police force.

It’s been several years since we got to make a video with our cousins, so this year we decided to make a new one. The night before, we introduced them to the classic game of Underground Church, but tweaked the rules to support a smaller number of players. The game ended up changing so much that it needed a new name: Bible Smugglers.

The game is similar to Underground Church in that you have to avoid detection while accomplishing a task. Only instead of trying to get every Christian and a sympathetic cop into a designated church location, the Christians must smuggle fifteen Bibles (note cards) from the start to a location of their choosing (only four Bibles can be held at a time). If they’re caught, they’re sent to jail and their Bibles are confiscated and return to the beginning. The goal is to deliver all the Bibles safely to their destination.

We took this concept and decided to document it in movie-form.

Journey (Short Film)


Aunt Cheryl Dyck asked us cousins to do a sort of talent show for Grandma Dyck’s birthday (#HarveysGotTalent#HarveyIdol). Since neither Caleb, Connor, or I have any clue as to how to make banging on a piano sound good, we decided to go with one of our more familiar skills: movie making.

Journey is the most plotted film since Kingdom’s Edge, and is filmed in over four state and national parks, including the Dakota Badlands and Mount Rushmore.

Filmed on location at Fairfax, Virginia, Minot, North Dakota, South Dakota Badlands, North Dakota Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Harvey, North Dakota, and Custer State Park, South Dakota.

Nemesis (Short Film)


Our friend Joe was back in town this week and wanted to do another video like last year’s Greatest Chase. He and my brothers planned up a story for the first few days, then we decided to hit the set.

The video is loosely based off the two well known video games, Watchdog and Ingress. We took the Watchdog look of a hoodie, scarf, and baseball cap with a powerful mobile device and stuck this character into the world of Ingress.

Skilled assassin, Nemesis (Joe Boyd), doesn’t care about Niantic. He doesn’t care about the Shapers. He doesn’t care about XM, and would rather the rivaling factions of Resistance and Enlightened keep to themselves. But…the Enlightened DID offer a LOT of money to take down a Resistance safe house.

Realm (Short Film)


With fall in full swing and Halloween approaching, the brothers and I wanted to film a fantasy film at the creek. Since my high school career is nearing its finale, I decided I’d teach the boys a thing or two about handling camera angles and filming (so when I move on to college the FBTeens will have new filmers). Connor did a great job!

We also used this video to learn a few new tricks with the camera. Even if we don’t have special effects to work with, a well-placed camera angle will sometimes convince others of a faked special effect.

Epic Run (Short Film)


I was visiting some family in Kentucky and wanted to show my younger cousins how fun video editing could be. Caleb and Connor were vaulting over a water tank outside my grandparents’ house, and I began filming them from different angles. Our poor cousin Reed couldn’t quite make the vaults, so we decided to make a funny short film about Reed’s attempting to beat the twins in hardcore parkour.Kent, the older cousin of the two, sat with me the entire post-production to watch me put the video together.