Fire Writing: The Hobby of Pyrography (Feat. Josiah Vogel)

Josiah Vogel has been woodburning for a little over a year after a friend of his gave him a woodburned lion as a gift. Intrigued and wanting to try it out for himself, Vogel bought himself an entry-level woodburner and began practicing small pieces in his free time. His first project was of a small penguin, and after that a wolf. As he continued investing in his hobby, Vogel upgraded his equipment, bought multiple different nibs for his woodburning “pens,” and began selling some of his work to the campus’s residents.

Vogel’s most notable pieces include a portrait of Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and a large 4×3 ft burning of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. He is currently working on a burning of Edmund Leighton’s The Accolade, which has already taken him forty hours.

For information on commissions and pictures of his other pieces, visit Josiah’s Facebook page and watch for his upcoming YouTube page.

I created a video for my Principles of Digital Multimedia and Technology class for my final project. I wanted to interview someone who had a cool hobby or interest that others on campus might not know much about, so I surfed the campus’s online community PCCBay for potential interviewees when I remembered Josiah Vogel and his excellent woodburning hobby. Through Facebook, the video has received over 1.7 thousand views and 22 shares, and my DMT teacher featured it during the last class period of the semester.

In this project, we were supposed to make use of a 10-15 minute interview, which would then be cut to 3 minutes. We were to set up a three-point lighting system and record our subject with professional audio equipment. I shot both the interview and BRoll on a Canon Rebel T5i and recorded narration using a studio RIBBON mic.


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