Kingdom’s Edge

As teenagers, my friends and I were fascinated with the idea of filming our own movie, complete with props, costumes, special effects, and fully-edited special features. I took a day at my friend’s house and we planned out a script, wrote down a desired cast list, and formed the basic storyline. That next week at church during meet and greet, we pinpointed potential cast members and convinced them to act in our new production.

It took the entire summer to film and post-production lasted until October, but we finally managed to pull off the project. The film reached a total of thirty-three minutes with over two hours of special features.

With almost no experience or equipment except for a home video camcorder and fifteen dollar iMovie software, I managed to push my limits and learn an incredible amount about filming, directing, and video editing. This was my first big video project.

When King Derrak, in his greedy insanity, orders all his subjects to go mine for riches underneath the kingdom, Eric (Nathan Page) and Erin (Annie Castilla) must find a way to stop the king-who now calls himself Damien-from sentencing countless families to death in the decades-old mines. But Eric and Erin aren’t the only ones who disagree with this tyranny. Nyra and Armis, once trusted royal guards, have started a rebellion. With the help of the rebels, Eric and Erin must battle soldiers, assassins, and even face off King Damien himself and his half-wit assistant Vincent if they have any chance in saving the kingdom from toppling over the edge.

Promotional Trailer


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